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Think That Drink Isn’t Affecting You? Think Again

Is it my imagination or is there a lot of marketing for alcohol directed at women? For generations, we’ve glamorized drinking in general as a way to unwind, be social and just live our lives. When I was growing up, an evening cocktail or two, or three, was normal. Now, it seems that wine is the drug of choice, especially among young mothers.

How does alcohol impact women?

According to this article, women are more adversely affected by alcohol use and abuse than men are. We tend to register a higher blood alcohol concentration than men who drink the same amount. Women experience more organ damage from alcohol than men do. Women are more likely to die of alcohol related conditions and more quickly than men.

People who drink heavily, increase their risk of developing many conditions that one might not attribute to alcohol. Heart disease and breast cancer risk goes up with just moderate drinking. There is a link between moderate to heavy drinking and neurological impairment like dementia.

It takes less alcohol and shorter duration of heavy drinking for women to suffer long term detrimental effects of the alcohol.

And then there’s this…

Young women who are violated often report they were impaired when the violence occurred. This is not about victim shaming. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We live in a culture of entitlement and there are those who will take any opportunity to get what they want, regardless of consent.

The bottom line is this…women, on many levels, experience more adverse effects of alcohol consumption/abuse than men do. You don’t have to abstain completely, but even one daily drink can have serious long term impact. Remember this when you pour that next glass of wine.

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