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Self-Care Is the Best Care

  So what is self-care? The concept of self-care being a selfish act of indulgence is ludicrous. This is a myth we need to bust wide open. It's necessary to maintain optimal health. Self-care can be interpreted widely, but in my world it means taking care of yourself so that you can take care of…

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Have You Thought About Your Act Two?

  Are you a woman "of a certain age"? You know what I mean. Kids are grown and flown. If you're married, maybe you and the spouse have fallen into the hypnotic rhythm of life. Or you may have been a 'stay at home' and now the nest is empty. You may be coming to…

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What Are Your Risk Factors?

I want to share some information about heart disease and some of the ways it shows up, especially for women. Much of the existing heart disease in the US, in fact 80%, can be prevented through proper nutrition and lifestyle habits. There are some risk factors we all need to manage to keep ourselves healthy…

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Food Glorious Food

And now we've gotten to the last of the Five Pillars for Success...Nutrition. There are several reasons this is the final pillar. No matter what healthy food plan you use, unless you have the other pillars in place, your chance of sustained change, and therefore success, are pretty slim. When I work with my clients,…

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What Is Your Self-Care Routine?

How do you care for yourself on a regular basis? Do you indulge in some vanity days and get mani/pedis or regular massage? If you don't want to indulge in something that might break the bank, find other ways to indulge yourse Self-care is the next of the Five Pillars of Success we will discuss.…

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