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We Strive to Make Our Clients Happy...

I have known Karen for some time, but not as a health coach. When I bumped into her last September 2017 and she shared with me this new career she was pursuing, I was intrigued. I had fallen into a bit of a slump and wasn’t feeling well over all and had gained some very unwanted pounds. I knew what I needed to do, get myself off of the emotional roller coaster (after recently divorcing), stop making poor food choices, and get some physical activity back into my life.

Karen shared that she could help me with all that and would hold me “gently” accountable. That resonated with me because I didn’t want to be guilted back into getting back on track and so I signed up with her. Well I signed up with her in December and got that and a whole lot more!
Each check in with Karen I would share something positive that had happened, and then set some goals I
wanted to achieve. These could be anything... not just about food or exercise. What I found in Karen was someone who helped me distill a lot of the noise that was going on in my life and instead focus on what my barriers were in achieving what I set as my goals.
She always had tools available regarding setting goals, food choices, and exercises specific to my needs.
I am 5 foot tall and when I signed up in December I was in a size 12. Today I am between a size 4 and 6 and have maintained it for 5 months! I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member, have dieted and exercised most of my life, but this was successful for me because of the one on one coaching and support. It was about me and not competition with a group of people.
I have a much more positive outlook on life now and feel I can accomplish whatever I need to. I would recommend Karen as a health coach and have truly valued and appreciated the support she has provided to me.  

Susan S

Karen has been a true inspiration to me in all aspects of my health journey. After initially discussing my goals of establishing healthy lifestyle habits for my family, Karen encouraged me to realize that I also needed to focus on my own health, both from a stress management perspective as well as healthy food choices. Lead by example!  
With Karen in my court, I not only benefit from her deep technical expertise on a wide variety of healthy lifestyle topics, but I also benefit from her knowledge and solutions on the hurdles and challenges I encounter daily which may cause me to stumble along the way. I greatly look forward to our coaching sessions as they are both motivational and rejuvenating to me.  
I will forever be grateful to Karen for providing me with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to give the greatest gift to myself and my family, a healthy lifestyle.

Kristen C

My top three goals upon starting the six-month program were to eat better and to feel better; choose foods that are healthy and good for my body; so that I can work better and feel better for my family and my career.

Karen was able to help me work toward these goals by weekly calls to keep me accountable to the goals that we have established. Karen answered my questions regarding certain food choices.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I now realize I can make tasty recipes that are healthy and not too much work. Also I now understand what foods should be on my plate to keep me fit and feeling well.

I would describe Karen as very knowledgeable about choices in healthy eating and
feeling alive and making good decisions on what would best serve me.

Mike M

Karen has been a terrific source of information and ideas on how to improve my health choices and lifestyle. She always listens to my concerns and asks probing questions which help me articulate clear, achievable goals. Each session builds on the last and gives us a chance to discuss what is working and what could use additional attention or change.  
She guides you to a place where you can be present and thinking about what you can do to improve yourself, and she respectfully holds you accountable to what you say you are going to do. It is too easy to get distracted by the day to day demands which never seem to allow you the time to really think about self-improvement. Karen is always reading up on the latest research and current events in health and diet news and readily shares information that is pertinent to my interests. 
She has also given me terrific meal plans and recipe ideas, which are a terrific time saver, because I don’t have to come up with them from scratch. I would recommend her to anyone looking to organize a path to better health and well-being.

Donna S

Karen's nutritional coaching goes well beyond the tired concept of calories in, calories out. You will learn the biggest triggers that hold you back in your transition to a healthier you! She will be your best advocate in guiding you to making the best choices for getting to, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
Karen is always available for a quick question to get you past an immediate struggle and will reach out to you regularly to ensure you're on track. Her wealth of knowledge on how the food we ingest and how it effects your health and well-being is priceless! 

Peggy L

Karen is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable coach, and is so passionate about what she does – I felt she genuinely cared about my success. She took the time to get to know me and tailored her approach to my needs, while not pushing a set of rigid food choices or formulas – she stresses healthy living and clean eating but suggests different options to get there – she does NOT have a one-size-fits-all approach. 
She was the ideal coach – she listened and asked leading and thoughtful questions and guided me to recognize and make the right choices. As a result I have made many sustainable changes (that didn’t feel overwhelming) to the way both my 9 year old daughter and I eat, including adding lots of greens, choosing organic options and avoiding or reducing processed foods. She helped me to become more accountable for the choices I made but didn’t make me feel guilty or “bad” for not being perfect. 
She listened patiently when I told her about the times I didn’t make the greatest choices, reminded me to be kind and compassionate to myself and helped me to think about how I could make better choices next time. She celebrated my triumphs, even the littlest ones, which was so encouraging and really motivated me to continue and keep trying. She opened my eyes to the impact of my food choices on my mood and emotions, which in turn affected so many other areas of my life. I cannot say enough good things about Karen – give her a chance to help you, you will NOT regret it!

Caroline Y

Karen Sammer was like any other female, working her way up the corporate ladder, raising two teenage daughters, eating all the wrong type of foods, grossly overweight, drinking too much coffee, and using wine combined with Advil as a sleep aid.
After receiving the results from her yearly mammogram, the whole world came crushing around her - BREAST CANCER. She was smart enough to know, that it was the lifestyle she was living that gave her this disease and for this cancer to be eradicated, she HAD to change her lifestyle.
Besides the help of mainstream medicine, more importantly she engulfed herself in nutritional education. Eating right for your Blood Type, Herbal Healing, Orthomolecular Nutrition, etc. But that was not enough for Karen! She threw herself into getting Nutritionally qualified by attending a Certification in Holistic Health and attending the prestigious Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) program, where she excelled at being one of the finest students to go through this program.
Karen has found her passion, helping others to understand the importance of nutrition and how this can change people’s health and ultimately save lives.
I personally recommend this Nutritionist’s courses to anyone who wants a complete understanding of how to improve their life for the better by using Nutrition. 
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. (Hippocrates)


Dr. Deka Rodger

Doctor of Naturopathy - Yours In Health

Working with Karen to uncover how what we eat can impact our health and daily lives has been a complete eye-opener for me. Cancer patients, and frankly patients of any kind and individuals seeking to avoid illness and maximize their wellness, will benefit from understanding how our bodies react to food so much more than if we just listened to the marketing and labels provided. Karen has delivered countless examples, short and unabridged explanations of why different diet intakes can render traditional medical and maintenance paths useless compared to our true goals of healing and feeling better each day. Karen breaks down this information to be consumed (sorry for the pun) by anyone who is or can be afflicted, and who is listening.

Jay Popky