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My Story

My story of transformation began in December 2009. I was 160 pounds overweight with rising blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting blood glucose numbers. I had been overweight most of my adult life and spent a lot of that time yo-yo dieting, always gaining back more than I lost. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that I began to take my health seriously.

After a year of treatment for the breast cancer that included debilitating chemotherapy and searing radiation, I decided that I needed to take control of my health so I never had to go through that again. I made changes in my diet one at a time. Eventually, I was able to remove alcohol, processed food, sugar, gluten, dairy, and meat from my diet. My diet now is primarily plant-based, occasionally including fish. I have changed my lifestyle and my approach to food which is different from what I historically did. As a result, I lost 135 pounds and maintained the loss for several years until another significant health event.

In 2017, while sitting in a meeting I experienced some discomfort in my chest that was unusual but not really painful. I ended up in CCU for three days with a spontaneous coronary artery dissection followed by a heart attack. This event set me back a little and I gained back a fair amount of the weight I lost but I have doubled down on my health journey and am feeling better than ever.

Because of the journey I have undertaken, I feel I am uniquely qualified to lead others on their path to a healthier lifestyle, whether they have been faced with a life-threatening disease or want to avoid one. Let me help you find your power to do what I did and be the healthiest version of you possible. Not everyone feels the need to remove all that I did from their diet. I can help you develop a lifestyle that you can live with. It's not a temporary fix, it's a lifestyle overhaul.

In the immortal words of Henry Ford ..."if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got". Let me help you break the cycle. You have the power...together we can find it.

At the recommendation of my cardiologist, I became a WomenHeart Champion Community Educator, trained by the Mayo Clinic. I have discovered that women’s heart disease is often under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed and very misunderstood by most people, including many in the medical community. As a community educator, I present information about women and heart disease symptoms, risk factors and prevention.