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Breaking the Cycle: 5 Steps to Take Control of Sugar Cravings

Do you feel trapped in an endless loop of sugar cravings hijacking your healthy eating intentions? You’re not alone. Sugar activates powerful reward pathways in the brain that light up similarly to addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin. Over time, consuming excessive sweets can seriously alter hormones, neurotransmitters, and more leading to intense cravings. The…

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The Glycemic Index Explained: How to Make It Work for You

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking system that classifies carbohydrate-containing foods by how they impact your blood sugar levels. Understanding the GI can help you make informed food choices to better manage your blood sugar and overall health. What is the Glycemic Index? The glycemic index ranks foods that contain carbohydrates on a scale…

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10 Daily Habits That Spike Blood Sugar and Cravings

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is important for your health and energy levels. Avoiding spikes and dips can also help reduce food cravings that lead to overeating and may ultimately lead to diabetes if unchecked.  Here are 10 daily habits to watch out for that can cause blood sugar spikes and increase cravings and…

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