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Let’s Call Fat Shaming What It Is…Bullying

In this video, late night talk show host James Corden responds to a bit that another late night talk show host Bill Maher did about the supposed “value” of fat shaming. Maher’s position is that overweight and obese people should be called out for the size of their bodies. Really??? And when has that ever been the way to get someone to lose weight? It may send someone into a spiral of bingeing and purging, anorexia or something much worse.

No one does it better than we do

No one shames the overweight person more than that person her/himself. Our self talk is often very damaging and something we would never say to another person. I know in my case, I’ll use self-deprecating humor to make the joke I’m convinced everyone is thinking anyway. But you know what? Your subconscious hears everything you say but isn’t able to distinguish a joke from the truth. So when I say jokingly that ‘my butt needs its own zip code’, my subconscious hears that as I’m supposed to have a big butt. That will trigger a series of behaviors and thought processes that support me having a big butt. No more of that nonsense.

Change is good

I have changed my self talk recently. I now tell myself that going to the gym and eating healthy every day is my top priority. I say I’m feeling stronger and healthier every day. And this stuff works. When I’m struggling to finish a set of weights, especially upper body weights, I say positive things to myself that encourage me to finish and I find that I am able to muster that last bit of strength to complete the set. My upper body is getting stronger and healthier and I’m seeing some development in my muscles.

Why not change your self talk? Look for something about yourself that you would admire in another person. It doesn’t have to be weight or body image related. Find one small thing and really be proud of that. As an overweight person, it is often difficult to find anything you’re proud of but there is so much more to you than the size of your clothing or the number on the scale.

Weight is more than your body size

We already know that our size and body composition is not very healthy but there are many factors that contribute to being overweight that don’t include being lazy and stupid. But that doesn’t mean we should completely give up trying to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. In my case, I am on a medication that causes me to hold onto weight but I will not let that get the best of me. Even if it’s a very slow journey, I’m not giving up. I will get stronger and healthier every day and every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is forward motion.

Carrying extra weight is as much about your mind as it is your body. In fact, I would argue that it is more about your mind than your body. If you can get your head straight, you will often see results on the scale. It’s about being kind to yourself, giving yourself grace when you fall, making yourself your first priority and not allowing others to derail your efforts to make themselves feel better about their questionable decisions.

Let’s change the narrative

I applaud James Corden for using his platform for a positive message and for calling out bullying, because that’s what fat shaming is…it’s just another way to bully someone. Overweight people are really easy targets for that because we do it to ourselves. We usually already feel pretty crappy about ourselves so piling on is easy for the cowardly bully. Much of the fat shaming that occurs is online behind a keyboard, anonymously. These cowards aren’t woman/man enough to say it to your face but in the dark recesses of their parents’ basement they release all the venom they can conjure up. What sad little lives they must have. Do not allow anyone the privilege of having the ability to affect your self image, especially if they don’t even have the nerve to face you when they say it. The only person with that privilege should be YOU!

My Story

Since June 2019, I decided to hold myself accountable for walking my talk. Several years ago, I was able to take off 135 pounds and essentially save my own life. I regained some of that weight in the last couple of years and I’m working my way back down. I’ve lost over 40 pounds since I began in June and have exercised nearly every day since August.

If you choose to join me on this journey, I hope I am able to impart some nutritional and lifestyle wisdom. Even though I may have gone off the rails temporarily I can still share some of my first hand experience as well as my acquired knowledge and training to help you make the right changes to live your best life.

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