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Do You Feel Empowered?

Do you feel like you own your life? Do you have the confidence to take charge of your life? Or do you feel like life is happening “to” you rather than “for” you?

Seven steps to take to achieve self-empowerment:

  • develop a positive attitude – people who believe they can make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen to or for them are much more likely to take charge of their own future
  • set reasonable goals – setting Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals is a huge step in taking control of your life. Break down large goals into smaller goals to make them more manageable.
  • surround yourself with positive people – if you surround yourself with like-minded positive people you are more likely to maintain that mindset. The same goes if you surround yourself with negative people. You decide.
  • practice self-care – treat yourself like you would your best friend. Self-care is different for everyone. Do things that make you feel good and believe you are worth the effort.
  • use positive self-talk – in order to feel empowered, it’s important to focus on what’s possible and not what isn’t. Your subconscious doesn’t know fact from fiction and it will believe what you tell yourself, so use empowering positive language when talking to yourself.
  • be assertive – learn to stand up for yourself. If you need something, say something. The world doesn’t owe you a living so if there is something you want to achieve, go for it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’.
  • create an action list – once you identify a goal, write down the actions steps needed to accomplish that goal. Identify the skills you’ll need to fulfill the goal and start developing those skills.

When you decide to take control of your life, you’ll likely find that your life is more satisfying and fulfilling. Start somewhere and take the first baby step. Each step you take, no matter how small, is a step closer to achieving what you want.

Do you need help?

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