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Cannabidiol…Is It The New Panacea?

Have you ever heard of cannabidiol? Maybe you’re familiar with the heavily marketed version called CBD oil. There is so much information out there about it but it’s important to determine which is real and which is hype.

CBD is one of the active ingredients in marijuana and comes from the hemp plant. CBD on its own does not cause the user to become high and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) using CBD is not dangerous or habit forming and currently presents no public health concerns from its use.

There have been many health benefits attributed to the use of CBD, some of which may be overstated but there is strong evidence supporting its use in children afflicted with certain types of epilepsy that are non-responsive to anti-seizure medications. In many cases, the use of CBD can reduce and even stop the seizures in those affected by the disease.

People suffering from Parkinson’s disease may also find relief from the tremors that afflict them.

CBD is used to reduce anxiety and there are studies that indicate that CBD may help people who suffer with insomnia to get to sleep and stay asleep.

A European study shows that CBD applied topically to the skin can help with the inflammation caused by arthritis and neuropathy. Currently these results are shown in animals and more research must be conducted on people.

Side effects from CBD use are minimal and can include nausea, fatigue and irritability. Use of CBD can increase the level of certain medications in your body the same way grapefruit juice can.

The main issue with CBD oil is that it is sold as a supplement and not a medication so there is little oversight in the manufacture, safety and purity of the product. It’s important to deal with a reputable company that is subject to third party testing for purity and consistency of content.

There has been government action taken against some companies making wild claims about what CBD can do for the user. Additionally, you may not be getting the amount of CBD the label claims to have. According to this article, nearly 70% of the CBD purchased online is mislabeled, containing much more or much less than the label claims.

The bottom line is, not a lot is known about CBD. It shows some promise as an effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia and pain relief. It has been shown to help the poor kids afflicted with certain, otherwise unresponsive types of epilepsy. I believe there will more indications for which it will be efficacious from the anecdotal evidence I have seen. Just be careful and research the seller before purchasing online. As with any online purchase, caveat emptor…let the buyer beware.

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