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Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke And It Isn’t Cute

What are people thinking? This is not funny and it does not advance the cause of women or men dealing with breast cancer. Why is breast cancer used as the basis of these cutesy campaigns? Does that happen with brain cancer or pancreatic cancer? Do we see pastries in the shape of testicles to bring awareness to testicular cancer?

First of all, if we want to promote the eradication of breast cancer, eating marshmallow filled chocolate graham crackers is not going to do that. I think it’s disrespectful and further objectifies women when these types of products are promoted.


And what is this crap? Why is it acceptable to sexualize a disfiguring and potentially life threatening disease? Young women are often objectified for simply existing in this world and when we become too old to be “worthy” of objectification, we are often marginalized. And when I see things like this, it infuriates me.

Please don’t put a pink ribbon on something and say you’re doing it to bring awareness to the cause of breast cancer. As I said in this earlier post, we are all aware of breast cancer. Let’s work on making sure people who have developed Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer (MBC), which is the only one that kills people, can get efficacious treatment so they can live a long and fruitful life.

If you want to further the cause of helping people with breast cancer, please consider donating to something like Their mission is to transition metastatic breast cancer from a terminal diagnosis to a chronic, manageable disease with a decent quality of life.

METAvivor is the only organization in the US that exclusively funds MBC research through a scientific peer-review process. Currently only 2-5% of research funds are directed to metastatic breast cancer.

So if you really want to “save the ta-tas” or “save second base” or whatever cutesy slogan is on the T-shirt, please leave the pink ribbon behind and put your money where it will do some good.

As a health coach, I work with women who are facing serious health challenges like heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes or who have been diagnosed as having a precursor to a serious health issue such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar. I help them make food and lifestyle changes so they can get healthy, live longer and enjoy a fuller, happier, more energetic life. If you would like to have a free consultation about the health challenges you have and the improvements you would like to see in your health, click here to schedule a no strings attached call.


  1. Unknown on October 17, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    Than you Karen. You state this position so well. I'm going to tweet this out and share it as much as I can.

  2. Karen on October 17, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    Thanks Mary Ellen. These things make me crazy and they are so disrespectful to the people dealing with this awful disease.

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