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Your Sugar May Be Coming From Unexpected Sources

Here is some news that many might find disturbing. You know that glass of orange juice you like to have in the morning? Well, drinking just that one small glass daily could increase your risk of some cancers. And it isn’t just orange juice…it’s any juice, or for that matter, any sugary drink. According to this article discussing a study conducted on 100,000 French people, drinking the equivalent volume of about a third of a can of soda of any kind of sugary drink can increase your risk of any type of cancer by 18% and breast cancer by 22%. Unfortunately, those who consumed fruit juice were at just as high a risk as those who consumed soda or other sugary soft drinks.

The results of the study provide a clear link between the consumption of sugary drinks and the increased risk of cancer. It’s been well known that regular consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk for obesity, diabetes and weight gain. Along with obesity, comes the increased risk for many types of cancer.  According to several researchers not associated with the study, the driving factor in assessing the danger of consuming these drinks was the sugar in them. There are also additives in some drinks that could have a cancer link as well.

Of course, the American Beverage Association was quick to defend the “safety” of consuming such drinks as part of a balanced diet. However, the leading beverage manufacturers are working on providing other alternatives to the sugary drinks like those sweetened with sugar substitutes, which come with their own risks. Ironically, this particular study did not link diet soft drinks with an increased risk of cancer but the study participants didn’t really consume many artificially sweetened drinks. Another study however, did link diet soft drinks to an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and early death in women over 50.

The results of the study on the effect of drinking sugary drinks and the increased risk of cancer show that this issue needs more scrutiny but it is very clear that lowering the consumption of sugar in the diet is beneficial to all.

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