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Your Second Brain

Did you know the human body has a second brain? It’s in the digestive tract. Yes, it’s true. The digestive system is able to influence the brain in your head. In fact, it has more control over us than we may even know.


Gut bacteria can influence food cravings. In order for the gut bacteria to survive, it has to be fed. However, if you have bacteria in your gut that is not the good kind, it may make you crave food that doesn’t serve you nutritionally but it does serve them. So when you crave junk food, it may be that you have an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria.


Your gut flora has an impact on how you feel emotionally as well as physically. The bacteria colonies in your digestive tract can determine what your mood is as well as how you feel physically. When we have a healthy balance of bacteria in our gut, we are much less likely to experience depression or anxiety.


In a study where mice were raised in a sterile environment and had no gut flora, they displayed traits similar to humans with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). After they were given probiotics, their behavior normalized. There have been some studies in humans where the same phenomenon exists.

Survival of the species

Scientists believe that the gut microbiome is influential in developing social behaviors that ensure our survival as a species through reproduction.

Feel good hormones

More than 50% of your dopamine and 90% of your serotonin are produced by the gut bacteria. These are the ‘feel good’  hormones released when you consume quick energy in the form of fat and sugar, causing you to want more of these substances.

Which are you going to feed?

When you consume junk food or quick sources of energy like refined carbs and foods chock full of fats, you’re feeding the ‘bad’ bacteria which will cause cravings for more of the same.

When you feed your body with nutrient dense and probiotic rich foods , you will allow the ‘good’ bacteria to flourish and cravings will be minimal or non-existent.

Our bodies are amazingly effective at staying alive. Even when we feed them badly, they will stay alive until they can’t. You can decide which bacteria will rule the day. If you feed the good, the likely result will be vibrant health. If you feed the bad, you will only be able to thrive for as long as your body can hold up, but it won’t be forever. Do your body a favor and give it the fuel it needs to stay healthy, vibrant and alive.

My Story

Since June 2019, I decided to hold myself accountable for walking my talk. Several years ago, I was able to take off 135 pounds and essentially save my own life. I regained some of that weight in the last couple of years and I’m working my way back down. I’ve lost over 40 pounds since I began in June and have exercised nearly every day since August.

If you choose to join me on this journey, I hope I am able to impart some nutritional and lifestyle wisdom. Even though I may have gone off the rails temporarily I can still share some of my first hand experience as well as my acquired knowledge and training to help you make the right changes to live your best life.

Do You Want Help?

Would you like to have more energy, lose weight, sleep better, and balance your hormones? I am launching another  5 week Sugar Detox Program beginning January 28th.

This program is open to anyone who:

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Aren’t you tired of feeling bloated and lethargic?

If you continue to follow the path you’re on, where will it lead you in six months? a year? Isn’t it time to take a different approach?

What you have done in the past hasn’t worked or at least has not stuck. I can help you change that. Click here for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and your goals for the coming year and see if we’re a good fit. You have nothing to lose except those nasty cravings.

As a health coach, I work with women who are facing serious health challenges like heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes or who have been diagnosed as having a precursor to a serious health issue such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar. I help them make food and lifestyle changes so they can get healthy, live longer and enjoy a fuller, happier, more energetic life. If you would like to have a free consultation about the health challenges you have and the improvements you would like to see in your health, click here to schedule a no strings attached call.


  1. Doug Jarvie on January 26, 2020 at 11:41 pm

    That is probably why I lost my appetite altogether. Nothing tasted right. It works for losing weight, however, I was also losing energy.
    Problem detected and solved and I feel better than I have for many years.
    A high school meme was: “I have two brains, one is lost and the other one is out looking for it”.
    Blog on!

    • Karen on January 27, 2020 at 10:38 am

      I’m happy for you that you found out what was troubling you and all is well Doug.

  2. Alice Gerard on January 27, 2020 at 12:35 am

    My digestive system brain is bossy and demanding and it takes evil revenge if I give it something that it doesn’t want! I guess that I can work more on making it happy, which will make me happy and feeling healthy!

    • Karen on January 27, 2020 at 10:37 am

      Keeping your digestive system happy will go very far in making the rest of your system happy. We often consume foods we may be allergic to and don’t even realize it. You might be surprised by the food that cause you distress.

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