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Detoxing Can Be Healthy If You Do It Right

Our bodies are amazing machines. They can take whatever food-like substance we give it and at least for awhile, make it work as fuel. But eventually, they will stop working if we don’t consume the right nutrients.

Because of the Standard American Diet (SAD), the environment, high levels of stress, and water, soil and air pollution, our bodies have become rather toxic. We have chemicals, heavy metals and other substances in our bodies that don’t support our good health.

When these substances enter our bodies through the mechanisms I previously mentioned, The liver and kidneys work to remove them from the vital organs, where they can cause the most harm. The body protects itself from the deleterious effects of these toxins by storing them in adipose tissue…aka our fat cells.

The presence of toxins in adipose tissue can hinder a person’s ability to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. This issue can be alleviated by removing the toxins from the body through a gentle detoxification process. It is extremely important not to rush the process with an aggressive detoxification because by releasing an abundance of toxins into the bloodstream, the system becomes overloaded and cannot expel them from the body quickly enough. The result is the recirculation of the toxins back through the body, only to begin the process all over again.

Before I continue, in full disclosure, I want to let you know that I represent a health and wellness product line called Arbonne International. But don’t stop reading here because, even if you aren’t interested in the products, there is still good information to be gleaned from this post.

Watch this┬ávideo by naturopath Dr. Tanda Cook for a very good and relatable explanation of how a detox program can help your body and this particular program works. It’s a short video that you will find to be very informative.

If you live on this planet, eat the food it provides, breathe the air, drink the water and live a life that has stress, both and bad, you would benefit from a gentle detox, with or without this program.


  1. menopausal mama on January 11, 2019 at 11:34 am

    I totally agree that detox is necessary for the body to maintain good health.

  2. Jeanine Byers on January 11, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    I have done several detoxes in my life and they did seem to help at the time. What helped most obviously, is that they changed my relationship with food at the time.

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