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Day Nineteen – What Is Your Morning Routine?

What do you do each morning when you wake up? Do you hear the alarm and turn over to hit the snooze button? Or do you jump out of bed, eager to face the day? If you hit the snooze button a few times, you probably find yourself racing around trying to get yourself together and starting your day in a stressful rush.

But what if you could start your day in a peaceful state with everything ready to go and you out the door on time every day, or at least most days? Wouldn’t that set you up for a much better and productive day? It isn’t hard to accomplish. It just takes some practice.

  • a solid morning routine starts with a solid evening routine
  1. take a few minutes each evening before going to bed to make a few decisions for the next day. Choose the clothes and accessories you will wear and set them out. Make sure everything is ready to put on (i.e. no ironing is needed). 
  2. If you take your lunch to work, make sure you have it all put together the night before so all you have to do is grab and go.
  3. set the alarm so you have a little more time than you need to get ready – by getting up a few minutes early, you will be able to get ready without rushing and causing yourself unnecessary stress. You would be surprised how much adding just fifteen minutes to your morning will do for you.
  4. go to bed early – make sure you are able to get an adequate amount of sleep each night so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Adult humans need from 7-9 hours each night of good, sound, restful and restorative sleep. I know as we get older that sounds like a pipe dream but the rest of the list may help with that.
  5. don’t eat at least three hours before bed – allow your stomach to empty well before you retire for the night. Your digestive system slows down when sleep and that leaves food to remain in your system overnight. This can cause weight gain and sluggishness in the morning.
  • get up at the same time every day whether you have to or not – this helps to set your inner clock, your circadian rhythm.
  • exercise before you start your day – just doing 30 minutes in the morning sets you up for an energetic day.
  • eat a nourishing breakfast every day – eating breakfast will help you to keep from overeating the rest of the day.

Starting your day on the right foot will give you a leg upon the rest of the day. Your frame of mind will be positive and the rest of the day is more likely to fall into place for you.

What are you going to do to start your day on the right foot?

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