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Day 27 – No More All Or Nothing

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, I have been for many years, an “all or nothing” type when it came to my healthy lifestyle. If I couldn’t adhere to a program or plan 100%, I would go completely off the rails. I have promised myself that I wouldn’t do that this time. I’m changing the habits that don’t serve my good health into habits that do.

Changing habits that are deeply entrenched is not a linear process. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and others…not so much. Take this weekend for instance. I have been at a family function since Thursday. We have an annual badminton tournament to honor my deceased sister-in-law in Maine so we make a long weekend of it. Of course, this interferes with my normal routine. I am unable to go to the gym, my food selections are not what they would be at home and I’m generally off kilter. No matter what, however, I stand firm on my conviction to adhere to a pescatarian and dairy free diet and try to remain as gluten-free as possible. On those points, I don’t waver. Where I fall short, is on my exercise and even though I don’t eat meat or dairy ever, I still make less than stellar choices at times. But I’m not going to let my choices this weekend derail my efforts. I’ll be returning home tomorrow and I’ll be right back on the horse. I’ll be home in time to make a good, healthy dinner and I’ll also be able to go to the gym.I can leave this weekend behind and pick right up where I left off.

If this had been “before”, I might have used this weekend as an excuse to completely abandon my good choices, specifically my daily exercise, and come up with daily excuses to not go to the gym…but not this time. Being accountable here for letting you know about what my progress makes it more difficult for me to fall short of my own expectations long term. And I’m also doing something else. I’m giving myself a break and treating me more gently. I won’t beat myself up or use negative self talk about my slip. I’ll move on from here and work on strategies for the next event. These occasions happen frequently in my family and sometimes I’m going to stay on the straight and narrow and other times I may fall off the path. But one thing is certain, I’ll get back on and all will be well. I don’t need to be all or nothing. I can be a human who isn’t perfect. 

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