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Day 2 – Hydration and Self Reflection

So this morning didn’t work out either. I still had a tough time getting to sleep but I did get more sleep than the night before. I think I might have to change a few things around. In my effort to stay hydrated and drink half my body weight in ounces of water (I may drown), I was drinking right up until I went to bed, so you know what that means…I was up several times during the night answering to my bladder.

Water is vital for the proper function of every cell in the body. It helps to form the saliva needed to begin the digestive process. It supports proper brain function and the development of hormones and neurotransmitters. Water helps to regulate body temperature through perspiration and respiration. It assists in the removal of waste and toxins from the body. It helps to break down food into a useable form for our cells to be nourished. It helps to lubricate the joints and keep the organs supple and functioning. Water aids in the transmission of oxygen to all the cells in the body. Every aspect of the body works better when adequate fresh clean water is consumed.

Water can be obtained from foods like fruits and vegetables and other water containing foods but most should be acquired through drinking clean fresh water. If drinking plain water is not appealing, you can squeeze a little fresh fruit juice into it for flavor. Drinking caffeine free herbal tea is acceptable as well.
Beverages that should NOT be used as a substitute for water are those containing caffeine, alcohol and sugar or artificial sweeteners. Caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics and will exacerbate dehydration and sugar and artificial sweeteners add extra calories and carcinogenic chemicals to the body. When given the choice between water and other beverages, water is always the wiser choice. Try it…you might be surprised at how much better you will feel when you are fully hydrated.  

Hydration is so important and it’s very easy to become dehydrated without knowing it. Often thirst masquerades as hunger so if you are feeling hungry and you know you have consumed enough nourishing food, try drinking a full glass of water before eating something you might regret.

I have been doing very well with my food consumption. I am amazed at how unaware I was considering the attention I give to my food selections. I was eating far more than I should have been.

As I reflect on my food related behavior, I think I eat to numb myself. There have been some interesting and upsetting things that have occurred in my life in the past few years that I have been anesthetizing myself against. Of course, because I work very effectively with my clients to face that part of their behavior and to redirect their actions, I never considered that I was doing the same thing.  I guess we work with people we need to use as a mirror to reflect back to us what we need to see. Or something like that.

I don’t like having to face these shortcomings and I especially don’t like to admit them to others, but I did say I was going to hold myself accountable here for the next month so I’ll keep my word. Thank you for being on my team.

And by the way…don’t lose faith in me. I’ll get to the gym tomorrow. 

In case you missed my post on June 30th, I am using this 31 day challenge to hold myself accountable for walking my talk. If you choose to join me on this journey, I hope I am able to impart some nutritional and lifestyle wisdom. Even though I may have gone off the rails temporarily I can still share some of my first hand experience as well as my acquired knowledge and training to help you make the right changes for your best life.

As a health coach, I work with women to find their power to overcome health challenges and live a fuller, happier, more energetic life. If you would like to have a free consultation about the health challenges you have and the improvements you would like to see in your health, click here to schedule a no strings attached call.  


  1. Bing on July 3, 2019 at 2:51 am


    It's confirmed what my friend told me that I feel hungry, I should try to drink water first because I might be dehydrated.

    Thank you for this post. It's a reminder. We are all struggling to prove that we can walk the talk. I am guilty most of the time and I have to be reminded.

  2. Jeanine Byers on July 3, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    I know I need more water, too! How neat that you are raking a month to focus on walking your talk. I'll look forward to your posts.

  3. Karen on July 3, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    Thanks for reading my blog. It was a little scary to admit that I fell off the rails but I had to do this to keep me accountable. I'm glad I said something that resonated with you.

  4. Karen on July 3, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks Jeanine…I always enjoy your posts so I'm glad we're in this together. Drink your water (insert smiley face).

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