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Are You Holding Yourself Back?

I have been dealing with some hesitancy on my part to really put myself ‘out there’ wherever ‘out there’ is. I want to grow my health and nutrition coaching business by expanding into group coaching and pubic speaking. But…I’m a little afraid. What if I fail? What if no one comes to my classes? Or comes to see me speak? Or believes what I have to say? What if, what if, what if…


Do you have similar gremlins in your head keeping you from living your best life? I have heard that the word FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s your ego that tells you that you won’t be successful or you shouldn’t even try something because it might be dangerous. Your ego is taking direction from your amygdala.

Do you know what your amygdala’s job is? Its job is to alert you to a dangerous situation. But your amygdala doesn’t know the difference between an impending grizzly bear attack and an upcoming speaking engagement. So when the body senses a change in your situation or surroundings, the amygdala will prepare your body for fight or flight. This functionality comes in really handy when you have to outrun the grizzly bear but not so much when you want to put your message out into the world.

Although I am not always successful, I try to remind myself that no one will die if I fall flat on my face, figuratively of course. I may be embarrassed for a bit but I will have made the effort, and, for that I hope I will give myself credit.

I’ve heard that if we wait for the ‘right time’ to do something, that time may never come. So I’m going to put myself ‘out there’ to do what I feel I was put on this planet to do. We all have a gift to bring to the world. What is yours?

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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