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Food Journaling 101: Uncover Your Eating Triggers and Patterns

Food journaling is a valuable tool for managing cravings, blood sugar, and weight. By tracking your eating habits and hunger cues in a food journal, you can uncover the triggers and patterns behind your cravings and eating behaviors. Here’s a beginner’s guide to discovering insights through food journaling:

Record More Than Just Foods

Note not just what you eat and drink, but also the time, location, mood, and hunger levels before eating. This helps identify environmental and emotional triggers for cravings. For example, you may notice increased chocolate cravings when you’re bored or stressed.

Note Hunger Levels

Rating your hunger on a scale of 1-10 before eating can reveal whether you’re eating out of physical hunger or emotional cravings. Emotional eating often happens despite low hunger levels.

Track Blood Sugar

Logging your blood sugar levels 1-2 hours after eating shows how different foods affect your blood sugar spikes. You may uncover problem foods that destabilize your levels despite not seeming like sugar-bombs.

Monitor Energy and Mood

Beyond blood sugar, make notes on how eating certain foods makes you feel – sluggish or energized, positive or cranky. You may realize some foods satisfy you while others lead to energy crashes or mood swings soon after.

Analyze Patterns Weekly

Take 10 minutes each week to analyze your food journal and note patterns around what, when, and why you eat. Compare entries from different days to identify problem times and triggers to improve.

Food journaling requires consistency and honesty for the best insights. But the effort pays off with heightened self-awareness around how to manage cravings, stabilize blood sugar, and meet weight loss goals. Uncover your personal triggers and patterns with food journaling.

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