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Who Is In Your Tribe?

Do you have a core group of people in your life with whom you feel a connection? The group doesn’t have to be large…just one or two people with whom you feel comfortable and can spend time together. Being connected to other people is a form of self-care. Spending time with your tribe is good for you, not only while you’re together but also in the “afterglow” of the time spent together.

Humans are social animals and being connected to others has a great impact on your mental and physical health. We need to feel needed, valued and loved. Having strong ties to family and friends helps to alleviate stress and increases your zest for life. We learn to be more empathetic when we care for someone besides ourselves. Staying healthy is also easier knowing that someone cares for you too.

Spending time together with your network has many other benefits too. You have increased self-esteem from the support and a greater sense of self and a feeling of identifying with a group. Your stress level is reduced and your mood is enhanced.

When you are together with your tribe, find ways to have fun. Participate in healthy activities like walking or sports. Have a meal together. Play a game. Sit and chat.

Your interactions don’t have to be only with your close family and friends to be beneficial. Connect with strangers. You can achieve fulfillment from a friendly chat with someone you meet on the street, in a store or any place you are where there are other people. It’s important that we stay connected to other human beings to help us to know our place in the world. It makes for a much richer and more fulfilling life.

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