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Why Do We Wear Red Today?

As we have discussed…or t least I have discussed, February is American Heart Month. And today is National Wear Red Day. My fellow WomenHeart sisters and other women who have experienced a cardiac event, also consider this Go Red for Women Day.

Go Red is an acronym for the following: – Get your numbers, specifically blood pressure and cholesterol; O – Own your lifestyle, quit smoking, manage your weight, lifestyle and nutrition; R – Realize your risk, one in three women will be affected by heart disease; E – Educate your family, teach your family how to eat well and adopt a healthy lifestyle; D – Don’t be silent, tell every woman you know that heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined.

Some Startling Facts

  • Stress is a huge contributor to heart disease. Women in stressful careers are much more likely to develop heart disease
  • We often ignore symptoms of cardiac events happening in our own bodies because we don’t recognize them as such
  • Women of color are at higher risk for developing and dying of heart disease for several reasons
  • Diabetes puts anyone at higher risk for developing heart disease
  • Obesity puts everyone at risk for developing heart disease and other potentially debilitating conditions

There Is Hope

  • 80% of heart disease is preventable with lifestyle and nutrition choices
  • 30 minutes of walking daily reduces your risk substantially
  • a 10% reduction in body weight can have a significant positive impact on your health
  • effective stress management can reduce cardiac risk
  • open dialog with your medical provider and being a partner in your own healthcare empowers you to take care of yourself

Don’t just be “aware” during American Heart Month. Keep your heart healthy every month and your heart will take care of you.

Do You Want Help?

Would you like to have more energy, lose weight, sleep better, and balance your hormones? I am launching a 5 week Sugar Detox Program beginning February 10th.

This program is open to anyone who:

  • would like to get control of their sugar cravings
  • feel better
  • have an abundance of energy
  • and an overall increase in well-being.

Aren’t you tired of feeling bloated and lethargic?

If you continue to follow the path you’re on, where will it lead you in six months? a year? Isn’t it time to take a different approach?

What you have done in the past hasn’t worked or at least has not stuck. I can help you change that. Click here for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and your goals for the coming year and see if we’re a good fit. You have nothing to lose except those nasty cravings.

I help women living with or at risk for developing heart disease or other chronic illness that we can manage through lifestyle and nutrition changes. Or maybe you’re on the verge of developing heart disease, or diabetes, or another lifestyle related condition. If so, let’s chat. For a free consultation with me, click here.


  1. Victoria Juster on February 5, 2022 at 10:38 am

    Excellent advice, Karen! To be able to enjoy our lives to the fullest, we need to take responsibility for our health.

    • Karen on February 5, 2022 at 10:55 am

      This is so true Victoria…thanks for your feedback.

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