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New Cooking feeds your body, mind, and soul. It allows you to control the food you put into your body, connect with your family and friends over a home-cooked meal, and save the money you might otherwise spend in restaurants or on processed, prepackaged foods. Believe it or not, making simple and satisfying meals from scratch doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of my favorite easy, healthy recipes. You’ll find that eating well can also be delicious!


Please Note: Images for each of the samples of similar type recipes just to give you an idea of what they may look like and not an actual image of each listed recipe.

Southwestern Pinto Bean Soup

By Karen | June 17, 2019 |

This is one of my favorite soups. If you do not eat all 6 servings (for example, if you have a small family), the leftovers are better the next day! The beans just seem to soak up all the flavors overnight.  

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Quinoa Salad with Mango, Avocado, & Tomatoes

By Karen | June 10, 2019 |

This dish is super quick and easy to throw together. Very fresh tasting, and super healthy!  

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Warm Lentil Salad with Apple

By Karen | June 3, 2019 |

The juxtaposition of the warm lentils with the cool greens in this salad make this salad a bit of a gem! Adding in the apples adds a hint of sweetness and tartness to the overall flavor of this salad.

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