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There Is Nothing Selfish About Self-Care

By Karen | February 11, 2022 |

  So what is self-care? The concept of self-care being a selfish act of indulgence is ludicrous. This is a myth we must bust wide open. It's necessary to maintain optimal health, not just optimal heart health. Self-care can be interpreted widely, but in my world it means taking care of yourself so that you…

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Yes, There Really Such Thing As Broken Heart Syndrome

By Karen | February 10, 2022 |

Really? It's a thing? Most, if not all, of us knows what it feels like to have our hearts broken. But did you know there is actually a cardiac condition called "broken heart syndrome"? It's a temporary condition, often caused by an extreme emotional or highly stressful event. Fortunately, broken heart syndrome, also known as takotsubo…

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Beginner's Guide to Heart Disease Prevention

By Karen | February 9, 2022 |

We know that February is Heart Month because I've been talking about it all month. And now I think it's time for some preventive care. How do you care for your heart? Did you know that 80% of cardiac disease is preventable through lifestyle, nutrition and education? You can mitigate a lot of risk simply…

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Straight Talk About Heart Disease

By Karen | February 8, 2022 |

Some Not So Fun Facts Women, did you know? heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined more women than men die from a first heart attack we are less likely to get the treatment we need for heart disease than men women of color are at higher risk of developing heart disease and…

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Do You Really Know The Symptoms? Maybe Not

By Karen | February 7, 2022 |

You know what it looks like...the Hollywood heart attack. It's usually a middle-aged, or older, man clutching his chest. Maybe he's sweating profusely and short of breath. He's probably falling over a piece of furniture and passing out. Maybe he lives and maybe he doesn't. But that isn't necessarily the way it happens when you're…

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Stress Management For Beginners

By Karen | February 6, 2022 |

Unmanaged stress is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease and many other conditions. We all have stress in our lives. And not all stress is bad, but it's still stress. The body still has the same chemical reaction whether the reason behind the stress  is positive or negative. Let's look at some ways…

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Why Do We Wear Red Today?

By Karen | February 4, 2022 |

As we have discussed...or t least I have discussed, February is American Heart Month. And today is National Wear Red Day. My fellow WomenHeart sisters and other women who have experienced a cardiac event, also consider this Go Red for Women Day. Go Red is an acronym for the following: G - Get your numbers, specifically…

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Five Things To Do To Maintain Your Heart Healthy Lifestyle

By Karen | February 3, 2022 |

Who doesn't like a list of five quick tips, or dare I say...hacks? I'm here to help. As promised, I'm focusing on heart health this month. To that end, I am giving you a short list of things you can do NOW to help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Shall we begin? Know…

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